As we all get anxious for summer to come, we get restlessly the house with cloudy weather. Here are my top three ideas for places to swim or hot tub in Superior.

As I called around Superior hotels to see if it had open swimming, I came up with these three ideas, one is not necessarily better than the other you have to choose for yourself.

Looking at Barkers Islands beautiful location nice size pool nice size hot tub, and it cost five dollars a person to enjoy the amenities. Simple easy way to go on the spur of the moment to enjoy a swim.

Next place that had open swimming was a Holiday Inn express over Superior on Highway 2. But they had a different approach to the swimming program. You can pay $15 for a single person and go 15 different times to go swimming and hot tubing. Not a bad price, a dollar a time for single person. Or choose the family pass for $50, you can go 15 times to swim and hot tub with up to five people. Buying the family pack cost $3.33 per time to go and if you were to bring five people with you each time it would only cost $.67 a time to go.

The YMCA is the next location in Superior read can go enjoy a hot tub and a pool as a family or as an individual. The cost is $10 each and you have full access to the whole facility besides the pool and hot tub. This is the most expensive option but what a great facility and so much more that you get with it.

Leave your thoughts and suggestions at the bottom in the comments and enjoy the water.