The Duluth Fire Department issued another rip tide warning and the Duluth Parks and Recreation Department is saying the temperature of the lake could be dangerous too.

The bottom line is that everyone should be cautious and pay close attention to the conditions before they go swimming. The tides could take you out to the point that you can't even be rescued and the same holds true for the temperature of the lake. If the temperature is below 40, it could cause hypothermia, which could make it so you can't save yourself enough to get help.

A good website that I use to get the conditions besides the City of Duluth website is, it has UV numbers and other conditions that you can check before taking the family down to swim. I'm not saying you can't play on the edge of the lake and make sand castles or lay out in the sun working on your tan.

I am saying if you want to take a serious dip to know the conditions of the lake.

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