All weekend long Lake Superior held temperatures below 40. The Parks and Recreation division warned this could cause hypothermia.

The public is encouraged to keep checking the temperature. When the water is this cold the City of Duluth website National Center for Cold Water Safety categorizes water under 40 degrees as "Immediately life-threatening."

Even though it is technically is in June, that doesn't mean the water heats up right away. We have had cold temps and lots of rain. Parks manager Jessica Peterson says to take caution and don't swim in the lake until the temps heat up. The city of Duluth also mentioned there won't be lifeguards until the water temperature gets above 40 degrees.

Even though the beach house on Park Point will open on schedule on June 10th, the public is still warned to be safe and stay out of the water. Interim Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj said in the press release, that when water is below 40 degrees, hypothermia symptoms will set in, then it makes it impossible to save yourself if something should happen.

Please be safe!


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