Everyone is having trouble finding a job. The old way of looking in the newspaper has gone by the wayside. Employers looking for good employees has been a tough find. A Seattle company called Jobaline wants to change that and they are using....texting. Everyone seems to be texting, why not use it to GET a job.

According to Mashable, More than 162,000 job applications have been filed on Jobaline, which is less than a year old. About 17% of its users texted to apply and 35% accessed the company's website on a smartphone. This mobile-first approach has potential in emerging markets such as Latin America and Asia where consumers have largely skipped over PCs and instead choose to access the web using tablets and smartphones.

Don't get too excited yet, the company is only in a few large cities, like Seattle, Miami and the San Francisco Bay Area, with New York and San Diego next on the list to be added.

Another company that is entering the job market is Evolv, which crunches data to help managers make workforces more efficient. Its research shows that Jobaline's texting method may save employers a lot of money. With no money lost on time finding qualified employees, losing them because it doesn't work out and finding another employee.

I think the world may turn to smartphone and tablet users. More and more employers are looking for ways to save money and by not using man hours it will save them millions.

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