If you drive a 2013 - 2016 Ford Fusion car or have a 2019 Ford Ranger truck, you'll want to know about a recall affecting those vehicles.  The Ford Motor Company is recalling 270,000 of these vehicles over separate issues that result in the same potential problem - roll-away's.

The problem is that the affected vehicles allow the driver to remove the key from the ignition even though it's not in park - without a chime or warning signal.  Once the key is removed, the driver could then take their foot off of the brake - thinking that the vehicle is in park - causing it to move forward while still in gear. According to news reports, there have been three known instances of this occurring.

Earlier in the year, Ford recalled some of their cars and trucks - including F-150's that had a transmission flaw.  This recent recall is detailed on Ford's website - available by clicking here; people who own one of the affected vehicles are instructed to follow the directions on the website.




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