Those of you that blame holder Jeff Locke for the kick that Blair Walsh missed today. Keep these things in mind. First, Blair Walsh scored all the points the Vikings had. Second, Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball twice. Third, had they stopped that Russell Wilson when the ball was snapped behind him, they wouldn't have needed that kick. What did Blair Walsh do after the game?

After the game he said to ESPN that he wasn't "staying long enough into the kick" -- and refused to blame a high(er) snap from Kevin McDermott or an unusual hold from Jeff Locke.
"I worked real hard to get myself to a place where I was very, very consistent for this team this year," Walsh said. "And in the moment they needed me the most this year, I wasn't. That stings. I'll be working hard to erase that from my career. But it'll take awhile. "The whole thing is on me and I accept that. It's shameful. I've got to do better."

After the reporters walked away, getting their quotes, Blair had red eyes and looked distraught. He sat down, started crying, and then broke into a full sob. Not one guy in the locker room blamed him, they all came over and consoled him. They knew he wanted that win as much as them. Even though the players make a ton of money to do what they do, they are human when the game is done.

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