Elton John enjoyed a boost to his income as a result of his farewell tour, pushing him higher up the Sunday Times annual rich list.

The U.K. paper’s chart of British musicians’ worth also included members of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen, Genesis and Led Zeppelin, among others – with pop star Rihanna a new entry in joint third position.

Theatrical mogul Andrew Lloyd Webber shared the top spot with Paul McCartney, with an estimated fortune of £800 million ($985 million). Next came Rihanna with £468 million ($576 million), John with £360 million ($443 million) and Mick Jagger with £285 million ($350 million).

You can see the list of top rockers below.

The Sunday Times noted in a press released that John’s farewell tour was responsible for a £40 million ($49 million) wealth boost.

The figures are assembled from multiple sources and represent “identifiable wealth,” including property and business investments, but not hidden values such as cash in bank accounts.

The full list for 2020 – the 32nd edition – will be published on May 17.

‘Sunday Times’ Rock Rich List 2020
1. Paul McCartney – £800m, up £50m
2. Elton John – £360m, up £40m
3. Mick Jagger – £285m, up £10m
4. Olivia and Dhani Harrison – £270m, up £20m
4. Keith Richards – £270m, up £10m
6. Ringo Starr – £260m, up £20m
7. Rod Stewart – £200m, up £10m
7. Sting – £200m, no change
9. Brian May – £190m, up £30m
9. Roger Waters – £190m, no change
11. Eric Clapton – £175m, no change
12. Roger Taylor – £170m, up £15m
13. Charlie Watts – £165m, up £10m
14. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne – £150m, no change
15. Phil Collins – £140m, up £10m
15. John Deacon – £140m, up 10m
17. Jimmy Page – £127m, up £2m
18. David Gilmour – £116m, no change
19. Nick Mason – £110m, up £5m
20. Robert Plant – £102m, down £3m
21. Ronnie Wood – £95m, up £10m
22. Pete Townshend – £84m, up £1m
23. Mark Knopfler – £76m, up £1m


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