WNDY started with guys that played with each other, went to school with each other, knew each other, and talking to them are a band of friends.

One thing I noticed right away is the different music influences they all have some connection to the Beatles. When I listen to their music I can see the connection vocally they have. Their backing vocals are tight.

When I asked the guys what they are doing now that they have to be at home and stay separated they told me they have found the conditions hard to work with but they didn't think it would last this long. They are talking about a few solutions to try to get some writing and maybe even recording done.

Here are the members of WNDY:

Sam Tuthill - guitars, vocals
Andrew Lee - guitars, vocals
Alex Nelson - drums, vocals
Sean Zarn - bass

Another thing I like about these guys is the fact that they are a band. They sound like they have been together for a while and they make decisions as a band. When I asked what their favorite "Best Music Story" was, they came up with the story as a band, which is the way it should be.

Their best music story had to do with the fact that one of their members didn't know what WNDY stood for so he kept asking, and they wouldn't share it with him, till finally he asked and said he wouldn't play in practice anymore if they didn't tell him. Usually they say, come to our show and we will tell you there. This time they told me We're Not Deaf Yet.

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