I'm not writing this to get you to vote for me or for this radio station, there are a lot of people to vote for, but maybe, please?

Every year the Duluth Reader puts out a poll for the Best Of, and it includes places to eat, where you go to see a concert, what's the best hang out, who has the best newscast, what station you listen or watch the most.

This is a great way to see what place, person, or thing is touching the Northland. Ron Houk is defending Champ for DJs, and KOOL is defending champ for radio stations.

The voting is about to close, and I would hope you vote for your favorite DJ and radio station (ok, I am trying to influence you) and whatever else you do around the Northland. It even includes the best website, best employer, and best-elected politician.

If I might tell you something to vote for, check out the musicians, and the albums they put out this year. Get involved with their careers and make the area a great backer of music, not just the birthplace of Bob Dylan's music.

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