Josh Drummer and Ryan Hammerstrom know the Minnesota Vikings. They talk often and respect each other's opinions. Until talk of the latest draft came about, then they disagreed. The disagreement led to a bet, and that's when the Vikings made a fool out of Ryan.

Josh Drummer is very knowledgeable of the Minnesota Vikings and knows the team, has studied the strengths and weaknesses, he is also a sure better, not a gambler....but someone who bets on something he considers to be true.He also likes to advise the Minnesota Vikings and sent a detailed message to the team in an email, one in which he thinks they listened, because of their draft picks.

Ryan Hammerstrom, is no slouch. He is a true blue Viking fan, doesn't waiver when they have a bad week and thought for sure he knew the first pick in the draft for the Minnesota team. His opinion is well respected, but not this time by Josh.

Both agree, Minnesota's defense was bad last year, the new defensive minded head coach led Josh to believe the Vikes would go with a linebacker (Zimmer is known for training linebackers). Ryan thought, with the new Offensive coordinator Norv Turner, they would pick a Quarterback first.

Next, the two bet. Josh said Linebacker, Ryan said QB. The bet: the loser would wear a dress and hold a sign saying "I'm _______ and I don't know anything about the Minnesota Vikings" and hold that sign on the corner of Kenwood and Arrowhead Rd. If the Vikings picked another position, the bet was a wash.

It was on draft weekend this past weekend that Ryan lost, so on Tuesday May 13th, Ryan paid his debt, because the Vikings drafted a linebacker in the first round.

Congrats to Josh Drummer, and thanks for the laughs Ryan, and thank both of you for the story!!!

Chris Allen

So, when the difference of opinion came.