Veterans' Memorial Hall will host an exclusive display of a 8ft x 10ft mural with statewide military significance. The mural is part of the Veterans Educational Historic Project, sponsored by the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery Memorial Association.

The mural will be on display at the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center (the Depot), in the Great Hall, from noon on May 15 through noon on May 19 2014, during regular museum hours. The artist, Charles Kapsner, will be available at the Depot from noon to 3:00 PM each day to talk to visitors and members of the media about the significance of the mural. Mr. Kapsner’s mural will be part of the Veterans’ Memorial Hall exhibit and free to the public.

The Veterans Educational Historic Project is a series of five military murals, each representing one branch of the U.S. military and all painted by Mr. Kapsner. The mural that will be displayed is dedicated to the Navy. In the mural are figures and scenes depicting different eras in U.S. history, from the late 18th Century through the 20th Century. After being exhibited in Duluth, the mural will become part of a permanent installation at the Little Falls, Minnesota Veterans' Cemetery.

This will be a rare and short opportunity to be see a beautiful piece of art before it goes on display permanently.

For more information contact Harry S. Cottrell Program Manager, Veterans’ Memorial Hall(218) 733-7500 or by email,

If you want to contact the artist his name is Charles Kapsner, Buon Fresco

His phone (320) 632-5535  his website here

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