The Great Lakes Aquarium announced a contest to name their new river Otters. The two otters were rescued from Louisiana and have been nursed back to health after being caught in traps.

The two young otters replace Zhoosh who died last year and his female counterpart, Anang, who retired at the age of 17. The pair were the most popular things at the Great Lakes Aquarium, so these two have a tough act to follow.

Some names have been chosen to pay homage to where they are from, now it's up to you to pick the final names, you can vote on the aquarium website.

Here are the names

Cajun and Creole, Chinook and Nodin (words meaning "wind"), Cascade and Tette (pronounced Tetty, short for Tettegouche), Agate and Ore, and Seiche and Riffle.

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