Here's a reason to stay on your phone the next time you hit the city park.  The City of Duluth's Parks and Recreation's Agents of Discovery App is up and ready to reboot your next park adventure.

The app is both fun and educational, and will provide users a GPS-based adventure.  Users who download and run the app will see Duluth city parks from a new vantage point as they explore park settings, trails, and events.  Users both young and old can connect while "[b]ecom[ing] detectives and learn[ing about] nature, the city, cultural history, and more."

According to details released on the City of Duluth website, the missions available on the Agents of Discovery app will rotate monthly between the different parks available in the area, trails, and special event locations.

The first mission scheduled - for the month of March - takes place at Bayfront Park.  This specific mission on the app is tailored for families with children age 6 to 14.  The next missions (for April and on to the future) will be announced soon; follow the Duluth Parks and Recreation on social media or click here to go directly to the Duluth Parks and Recreation website.

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Here are the steps in involved:

  • Download the Agents of Discovery app on your smart device (phone, tablet, etc).
  • Download the active Parks and Recreation missions in the app; there will usually be between one and two active at a time, rotating monthly.
  • Visit one of the featured mission locations with your smart device.  It's worth noting that once you download the app and the mission, no data or WIFI is needed for the fun and the activities.
  • Open the app at the location and follow the instructions.  Walk around and complete the educational challenges that you'll find throughout the park.

One additional note:  You don't need to create an account in order to take part in the missions.  However, the city does encourage it.  Users who create an account and then log in each time they participate will be entered into a drawing; account users could win a small prize for completing each mission. Look in the rewards part of the app for all the details.

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