This is a huge fundraising event for this Saturday, February 29th at Duluth Cider to fund a trip for volunteers going to Haiti in April to provide free medical care

Gaelynn Lea Music and Alan Sparhawk of Low are reuniting as The Murder of Crows to raise funds for medical volunteers called PEACE*LOVE*HAITI.

The event will be at Duluth Cider 2307 W Superior St and will also feature Four Mile PortageKyle Ollah, Jerree Small and Katy Vernon. You can pre-order tickets and it includes a free cidery tour and samples during the event!

This will be a family event with all ages being welcome and will be wheelchair accessible too. The price is $10 per adult and $20 per family.

PEACE*LOVE*HAITIare 2 R.N.s who will fly to Haiti following up with healthcare after the devastating earthquake in January 2010. They have returned every 6 months and have stayed for 2 weeks at a time. This is a fundraiser to pay for their 5th mission on April 3-17th to provide free care for rural families.
There will be a silent auction and tacos for Sale at Duluth Cider, Crafted by Oasis del Norte!
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