It would be a "win-win" situation.  Betting on a vibrant downtown for its continued growth, the Duluth Transit Authority is trying to find ways to redevelop three under-used parcels - two of which it doesn't own.

According to news sources, the DTA would like to redevelop it's Superior Street Transit Center, now that it's been replaced with a newer, larger facility behind it on Michigan Street.  At the same time, it would like to find development ideas for two "blighted" parking ramps:  the Shopper's City Ramp at 18 North 2nd Avenue West and the U.S Bank Ramp - located on Michigan Street just east of the new parking ramp at the new DTA Transportation Center.

At this point, any redevelopment - either at the DTA-owned building or at the two parking ramps which are privately (alternatively) held - hasn't started. In order to survey the wants and needs of the area, the transit company is looking for interested firms to take on the task.

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