It seems the world is pretty much obsessed with Baby Yoda, and honestly why wouldn't they be? He is about the cutest thing around. I have a good friend who loves him so much, he got a tattoo of Baby Yoda on his forearm. Now, that is dedication.

This Baby Yoda snow sculpture was captured in the front yard of a home on 4th Street in West Duluth, near Denfeld High School. One of my former co-workers, who is now a postal carrier snapped this picture, and I could not resist blogging about it.

This local Baby Yoda rivals another one that was built earlier this winter in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. I personally think the Duluth one looks more Baby Yoda-like.

If you haven't seen the show, just what or who is Baby Yoda? As CNN explains, "this doe-eyed, big-eared Yoda-like character" is one of the newest additions to the Star Wars Universe cast of characters from the series "The Mandalorian,"  which is exclusive to Disney+. While the character is known as only as "The Child" in the show, most people have dubbed this character Baby Yoda because he looks like a young Yoda. While the nickname "Baby Yoda" has stuck, it is worth noting he actually may be as old as 50.

All anybody knows at this point is this adorable figure has merchandise selling like hotcakes. So as long as the weather holds out you have a unique opportunity to take a picture with this rare Baby Yoda before mother nature decides it is time for Spring.

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