There might be snow on the ground (and more on the way) right now but the summer road construction season will be here before you know it!  With our short season, Northlanders have come to understand and anticipate a busy couple of months each summer - filled with orange cones.

Along with the state and municipal projects that will happen, our local county road departments also take advantage of the timetable to cross those necessary work jobs off their schedule.  The Douglas County Highway Department has announced the projects they plan to take care of this summer.

According to a post on their Facebook page, Douglas County looks to take care of four major projects, along with a variety of so-called "Wedge" and "overlay" jobs.  The four bigger road projects include:

  • County Highway D:  Highway B to Evans Lane will see a paving project
  • County Highway W:  State Highway 105 to Irondale Road will see a pulverize and pave project
  • County Highway Y:  Barron Drive to State Highway 27 will see a pulverize and pave project
  • County Highway B:  Highway BB to the Minnesota state line will get a major overlay


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