Now that it looks like the snow we've received will probably stick around for the rest of the winter, it's a good time to refresh the memory about proper care of the outdoor utility meters on our house.  Depending on the utility service to your home, you probably have at least one - if not three - meters and regulators on the outside of your house that feed the services inside.

While it's prudent that you clear ice and snow from all of the meters around the perimeter of your house, it's especially important for the gas meter;  natural gas meters include a vent that is important to how it operates.  Ridding the meter of accumulated snow also makes it easier for the meter reader and other service personnel in case they need to work on it.

It's also good practice to keep the vents for your clothes dryer free from snow and ice as well.

Recently, Superior Water Light and Power sent out reminder cards to their customers in their monthly statement to remind them about the importance of keeping up with ice and snow removal.  Make sure you're doing your part to keep your utilities safe for you and the people who have to service them.


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