I watched from the Bayfront and they didn't seem as high in past years. Was it just me or were they not as high in the air?

The reason I ask is that I was down close. I couldn't tell. So, I'm asking the people that might have been up at Duluth Central, The Coppertop Church, Hillside, The Edgewater, stopped on the side of I-35, Garfield Ave, the Rose Garden, Lincoln Park, Skyline, or anywhere other than Bayfront.

I have watched from some of those locations and I could always see really well, I couldn't see the stuff at water height, but I could see the bulk of the show.

Also, I've always wondered what the light show is like on a boat. Then you don't miss anything. So write me and tell me where you watched the 2019 Duluth Fireworks and whether you thought it was lower this year too, I would like to know.

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