Traffic will be heavy on the road and in the water, here's a tentative schedule to help you navigate around the 4th of July.

There won't be a lot of marine traffic because people will be in the boats watching the fireworks. I have also spoken to some commercial fishing and tour boats and they suspend their tours,  they have to leave them in the slip because they close the slip bridge and you can't get back in till late.

Here's the schedule to follow based on years past:

  • The Aerial Lift Bridge will stay down on July 4 and be completely closed to marine traffic starting at 7:00 PM - lasting until 1:00 AM on July 5. If boats want to leave the bay, they have to take a long way round to the Superior side.
  • The Minnesota Slip Bridge (AKA - the Blue Bridge) will be lowered and closed to marine traffic from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM on July 4.
  • The only 4th of July celebration on commercial boats is the Vista who has a special music and food cruise that lasts 2 hours.


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