In the classic argument of "would you rather have the snow or cold?", we'll get some of each over the next week. This weekend looks to be downright cold, with daytime high temperatures around zero degrees on Saturday and Sunday accompanied by dangerous windchills around -30 in the Duluth area and as cold as -50 in International Falls on Sunday.

On Monday, we get a slight reprieve from the bitter cold with temperatures into the teens, but wind chills will still be in the single digits. It's "warmer", right? As part of that warmup, there appears to be some snow coming into the picture as well.

On Monday afternoon and evening, there appears to be a system moving in that looks right now like it could give the Twin Ports 3-6 inches of snow overnight and into Tuesday. We'll keep tabs on that as it gets closer, and let you know if there are any changes. Temperatures remain in the teens for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then we head back into the single digits for day time highs to end the week.

For a frame of reference, the average daytime high temperature for mid January is about 18 degrees. It is generally our coldest month of the year, as most people would assume. The good news for those that aren't to big on the cold is that January is over halfway gone! That doesn't mean we can't see bitter cold later this winter, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those that pine for springtime.

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