Fines aren't stopping people from blowing by a school bus when the stop sign is out, bus drivers are frustrated and angry.

In Canada on Prince Edward Island, that is the law. They kept raising and raising the fines and nothing stopped some drivers from driving past a bus with the red lights flashing and the stop sign out.

So, the law changed and says now, if there is proof, a driver caught driving by a school bus while stopped with the stop sign out and the lights flashing will lose their drivers license, according to the CBC story.

I am still hearing from parents and bus drivers that people still aren't paying attention. If the fine isn't enough, let's get tough. Is it going to take the death of a child before something is done? Let's install a camera on the bus that can take a picture of the car so the license on the car can be seen. Then, that person loses their license, end of the story.

How do you feel about this?

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