This sounds grander than it really is, it's more of a science experiment, but if it works, it is my secret weapon to collecting millions.

I keep seeing an ad for this Buddha Feng Shui Black Obsidian bracelet that will bring you good luck. I watched the video below and said to myself that this is a big sell job to get me to spend money. I've seen it on the internet for $20-$50. I saw the craftsmanship and could see it just beaded on some sort of string.

I would never pay the $20-$50 asking price. This particular time it was being sold for $9.95. I thought, ok, I can buy one at that price and do an experiment. That's why I am calling it a science experiment. I'll buy it at the $10 price. It said in the instructions how these beads were made of very rare rocks, and I should rub the Buddha on it and think of money, or whatever fortune I would dream of.

It said in most ads that this should take 4-6 weeks to accomplish my amassing of this huge amount of money. Not only will this bracelet bring me riches but it is adding Feng Shui to my life. I can tell you the Feng Shui has not happened yet. In fact, I slammed a door on my face and cut it open, lost the key card that gets me into work, and had my glasses fall off in the snow.

The story goes, one guy got this bracelet, he came into wealth, he bought some for his family and friends and they all came into wealth. Yeah, right!! Well, I looked into it. Higgypop says there are crystals that are commonly used to bring good fortune and Pixiu is a real symbol, Black Obsidian is a mined rock that has been known to be good luck to those who believe, and many believe Buddha is good luck and full belief of his teachings will bring you wealth and peace. The Truth is, I found it on a cheap Chinese website for 77 cents, and they mass produce these babies for all these smart at home business people that know how to edit good videos together to sell them for a huge markup.

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Well, next week is the 4th week. I have a ticket to the Mega Millions, which, if it pays off will make me a millionaire next week. Personally, I think it's a cheap bracelet that kids could wear, or you could get out of one of those machines at the grocery store.

If it works? I will be rich and throw a big party (when it is appropriate to gather in large numbers, with a huge star or band to play at the party). If it doesn't, I only paid $10 for a little entertainment and something to talk about to all my friends. All in good fun!

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