As the Production Manager for all of our Townsquare Media stations, I spend the majority of my day writing and producing the commercials you hear.  Faced with a pile of production, I've often joked that I'm going to "lock myself in the studio" for an hour or two to get finished.  Well, this past Halloween afternoon that phrase went from being figurative to literal as the door knob stopped working - and I found myself stuck inside the studio.

When I first turned the handle, I figured out pretty quick that something had made the knob fail. My problem was that I didn't have any tools in the room and there isn't a phone in the studio (long story).  This particular prod room is located right next to the KOOL 101.7 on-air studio, so I knocked loudly on the wall to try to get the attention of Ron Houk - who was on the air at the time.

Ron heard me, but at first he thought I was joking - or playing a "knock, knock" joke.  Once he finally realized that I was sincere, he went to get help.

Thanks to the rest of the staff (Derek, Jess and Jessa in particular), they worked hard to dismantle the door knob in an effort to get me out.  After almost an hour trapped in the room - I was finally free!  Good thing I'm not claustrophobic!

Click on the photo gallery to see my afternoon dilemma.

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