Charges have been brought against the suspect who was arrested in connection with the incident on October 6 in Superior that closed a daycare, schools, and the Mariner Business Center.

According to the booking details provided by the Douglas County Jail, 33-year old Brandon Anthony Cole-Breezee was arrested by the Superior Police Department and faced his initial appearance in Douglas County Circuit Court on October 7.  Cole-Breezee faces a number of charges, as summarized by the Superior Telegram [paywall]; they include:

"...[D]omestic stalking with use of a dangerous weapon; possession of a firearm by an outstate felon; domestic terrorist threats; domestic disorderly conduct; and criminal damage to property, all as a repeater."

The situation originated when Cole-Breezee "allegedly made threats to enter New Horizons Children's Center while armed to retrieve his child". He also allegedly made threats against the police if they got in his way.

According to police reports and the article in the Telegram, the incident started when "a woman approached officers walking to the Superior Police station to report she received concerning messages from the father of her child, Cole-Breezee".  Upon questioning, the police learned that the "messages allegedly included a photograph of a rifle being held while sitting inside an unknown residence".  The message also indicated that "he was going to the day care center to get their child".

That same message from the suspect who is facing charges also allegedly contained a threat to police officers or others who might get in his way:

"Cole-Breezee also allegedly said he would engage responding officers in a gun fight if they intervened.  [Stating - quote] 'I don't want no pain towards you, but if the police is there (sic), I'm killing everybody'."

There was also allegedly a ten-minute countdown that was started by the suspect.

Police started a perimeter guard around the area of the daycare, which also included the nearby Mariner Business Center.  In addition, schools in Superior were placed in a "Hold Lock" status - standard operating procedure for a situation like this.

It was almost an hour later when the suspect made himself visible, "walk[ing] out from the thick brush to the west of the walking path near North 21st Street and the child care center".  Superior Police apprehended the suspect.

The news sources detail that Cole-Breezee was cooperative at first, until they instigated their search.  At that point, he "began screaming, yelling and thrashing, hitting his head against the paved trail".  He also "reportedly slammed his head against the squad car a number of times, causing a dent the size of a dinner plate".

No weapon was found on Cole-Breezee's body, but a later search turned up the gun that was in the message sent to the woman at a residence.

Cole-Breezee has a past criminal history:

"[He] was convicted of felony robbery in Illinois in 2008 and convicted of terroristic threats in St. Louis County in 2019, according to the criminal complaint. He was discharged from probation in the St. Louis County case two days before his arrest in Superior."

Cole-Breezee's initial court appearance was on October 7.  The next court appearance for the suspect will happen on October 12.

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