Flannel enthusiasts, listen up! There's an event just for you that takes place in Canal Park on Thursday, September 26th. Duluth Pack is hosting the 2nd Annual Flannel Fest at their flagship retail store, 365 Canal Park Drive.

It happens from 6:30-8:30, and everyone who enjoys flannel is welcome to attend. There will be specials on merchandise, but there's more to the event as well. You can enter to win raffles, giveaways, and free beer tasting from Hoops Brewing.

According to Duluth Pack store manager Amanda Kolb,

“Our customers are a top priority and the opportunity to connect with the community that surrounds our business is always welcomed. We hope to see both loyal and new customers join this experience at Duluth Pack with our local Canal Park partner, Hoops Brewing along with our great industry partner, Filson.”

Duluth Pack is famous for their hand crafted outdoor gear, packs, rugged apparel, totes, bags, shooting sports equipment, and more.


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