Just the other day it was National Cheeseburger Day, so naturally we had cheeseburgers for dinner. I've been loving my Traeger wood pellet grill, but I haven't even thought of cooking french fries on it. Burgers turn out great on it, but what about fries? I've never heard of anyone doing it, so I gave it a shot.

I used frozen fries, and put them on a baking sheet. The Traeger is basically an outdoor oven/smoker and my pro model can get up to 450 degrees. I let it preheat and cranked it to the highest setting and waited.

It took about 20 minutes to get to temp. I put the baking sheet on, shut the lid, and waited about 15 minutes. Then I put my cheesburgers on next to the baking sheet. At this time I flipped the fries over on the baking sheet. One side was already crispy. This was starting to look promising.  I flipped the burgers again about 8 minutes later and then let it cook for just a few minutes more. Total time on the grill was 30 minutes for the fries, and about 15 minutes for the burgers.

The burgers of course were juicy and excellent with the "reverse-searing." The real test was the fries.  I have to say, they were the best frozen fries I've ever had cooked. They were crispy, smokey, and all around wonderful.  Once again, the Traeger grill impressed me.


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