According to it could involve trading Xavier Rhodes.

Xavier Rhodes was once thought to be the best corner in the sport a few years ago he had a tough year last year and again this year his numbers and play have been falling off, He was totally exposed by Aaron Rodgers when the Vikings traveled to Green Bay. The other thing that makes Xavier a tasty trade for the Vikings, is the huge cap hit. reports the numbers the Vikings are looking at:

Xavier Rhodes would probably be the focal point of the trade, as he's 29 years old and owns a cap hit of $13.3 million this season. Rhodes was an All-Pro in 2017 but had a down season in 2018 and was picked apart by Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.

Ramsey is in the third year of his rookie deal that pays him just $7.2 million and his fifth-year option has already been exercised, which carries a cap hit of $13.7 million.

According to the report, the Jaguars will probably trade him within the next couple of weeks, so will he wear purple?

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