Having recently lost it's second-place standing to Wendy's, Burger King is firing a salvo back at the competition by changing up it's menu and it's decor.

Burger King is hoping a revamped menu with healthier options, changes in restaurant decor & packaging and updated worker uniforms help its sales decline in the world of fast-food.

The menu move is big for the perennial number two:

According to the restaurant, it is the fast-food chain's largest menu expansion since opening its doors in 1954.

Burger King is hoping that a renewed menu and look will help it regain market share of the fast food industry.  To get the word out,  they're instigating a dramatic new marketing approach, too.

Alongside the new menu items, Burger King will roll out its largest ad campaign ever -- so expect to see stars like David Beckham, Jay Leno and Mary J. Blige promoting the burger chain very soon.

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