Happy birthday, Wendy's! The fast food chain is celebrating their 50th birthday and we are the ones getting the real gift here.

There is a catch: you do have to purchase some food in order to get some but the deal is still great.

Here's how it works: first, you have to download their mobile app. Once you download the app, you take the cup or to-go bag from your order and scan the 'Sip & Scan' icon on either of them. From there, you will unlock a menu item that is free of charge on your next fast food run.

The menu items you get to feast on for free include a single cheeseburger, fries or the iconic Frosty. There is no word on if you get to choose the menu item or if it is randomly selected for you.

The good news is the discount goes through January 3rd of 2020. Eat up!

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