A new neighborhood bar, called the Boreal House, is opening around 57th Avenue West on Friday the 14th to give people a different place to go on a night out.

Katie Fast and Julie LaTourelle, co-owners of the Boreal House, want something different. I talked to Katie, and she described it as a craft beer hang out. A place to go when you want to talk with friends and co-workers and enjoy snacks. The building has been stripped to give it an industrial feel, complete with a half garage door. In the summertime, it will create the feel of sitting outside with friends and neighbors enjoying the weather.

The Boreal House will be the only place in Duluth to serve wine in a can, which Katie adds allows them to keep it fresher. There will be 16 beer taps with 14 taps being local craft selections. They will also offer Domestic tallboy cans. They will serve snacks featuring single-sizes and shareable-sizes of various nachos and chips/dips.

Katie and Julie hope to add some outside seating for summer as well as music and some fun things to do while at the bar. The Boreal House will have a soft opening on Thursday, February 13th, and an official opening Friday, February 14th at 11 am.

Katie and Julie hope to carve a place in west Duluth for themselves but want to encourage more businesses to move into west Duluth.

Boreal House

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