A recent study was out about how many people believe in UFOs. It turns out most Americans not only believe in UFOs, but many have stories of spotting one, witnessing creatures, or being in contact with one. UFO sightings have happened all over the state of Minnesota, here are 5 interesting ones.

Hermantown- A person reported to the National UFO Reporting Center that they observed an object for 10 minutes, According to the website they said I was outside looking up at the moon and noticed a circular object moving. The object appeared to be in color of blue red and green and white.

Esko- This one reported to the National UFO Reporting Center I was letting my dogs back in from outside, and suddenly noticed something moving. At first I thought it was an airplane, but clearly wasn't. It was moving and suddenly stopped and just sat in the sky for about 20 minutes. It was bright and had blinking lights of color? Like some red, blue, and green. Then would kinda move slowly back and fourth and in different directions.
Me and my dad were watching it with a telescope as well. Eventually after about 20/25 minutes, it's suddenly just left and quickly disappeared.

Silver Bay-This one reported to the National UFO Reporting Center says a little more, but didn't last long. Strange orange lights over Lake Superior. While camping I saw four strange orange lights before going in our camper. I stopped to get a better view and noticed another set of four orange lights to the left. All of them are in line horizontal to the ground. As far as I could tell they were over Lake Superior. About 45 degrees from where I was standing. I was going to dismiss as jet flares however, the far left light of the four I was watching moved extremely fast to the left. Then shot back into position. As soon as I called for my wife they moved into a square like formation and disappeared. While explaining to her what I saw, three lights in a triangle position appeared as disappeared. No sounds.

Proctor- The National UFO Reporting Center had this report just outside of Duluth. Slow moving noiseless aircraft with blinking light following it I was outside at 3 am and saw lights moving through the sky. There was no noise. I sat there as it passed almost over head. When it was coming my direction, I only saw two lights about a cars width apart orangish. And a whitish single light following behind with no noise. As it passed over I couldn't identify any shape, still no noise. Based on the two wide lights I assume it was some covert plane. Not sure what the white blinking light was following, that had no noise either. I live in a very quiet neighborhood.

Duluth- Yes, someone made an observation and reported it to the National UFO Reporting Center, Here's what they said. bright orange fireball sighting Looked out window and noticed a very bright orange fireball moving slowly northbound. Stopped for a couple seconds, and then proceeded towards me and slowly became larger and brighter.
It then shot up rapidly towards space and disappeared.

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