News Reporter John Donnelly of Fox 26 in Houston is doing a report about how to stay safe in a road rage situation and wanted to get the "man on the street"  point of view. So, he made the rounds asking people their thoughts. One man, in particular, gave his opinion, when Mr. Donnelly asked his name, that's when he realized who he was talking to. 

That man was Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings. I'm sure Adrian thought he would have to give his thoughts on the latest news that Minnesota didn't pick up his option and that he will be a free agent by March 9th. Or what team he might be looking at if he doesn't return to the Vikings, or any other football question. I think it might have been a breath of fresh air to not be treated like Adrian Peterson for once. At any rate, here is the video and a surprise for a beat reporter.

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