My cousin Steve deserves all the credit for this one, he is the one that taught it to me but I am the one sharing it.

Here's how I learned about it. Steve and I were having dinner before going to see an NCAA basketball game. He knew I liked Kentucky and wanted to take me to see them play Wake Forest. I was excited to see the game, I had never been to an NCAA game before and the games for our region were in Minneapolis at the Target Center.

I have to tell you this part of the story first, he had great seats, how good were they? I was three rows ahead of Kevin McHale (at the time the GM of the Timberwolves), so I turned around and told him he sucked and never got kicked out……but that’s another story.

We were also sitting behind the Kentucky cheerleaders. I don't want to sound sexist, but we had a great view of the game and the cheerleaders. We were in the noisy section of Kentucky so I could yell and scream a lot and not be asked to leave.

I was going to purchase something to eat on the way down to the game, or at the game, and my cousin Steve said he was going to make the best burgers I've ever had. When I got there he had everything prepped and ready to go, just had to make them and cook them. He called them “Bongo Burgers”.

They were really good and he served them with a veggie and pasta.

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You will need bread crumbs, green pepper chopped up small, shredded cheese, onions (also chopped up small, teriyaki sauce, and of course burger, I have used turkey burger and beef, so it doesn't matter for taste.

Chris Allen’s cousins' Bongo Burgers

3 lb ground beef

3/4 white onion, diced

3/4 green pepper, diced

1/4 can of bread crumbs

A couple of handfuls of desired shredded cheese (Chris recommends mozzarella)

A few splashes of teriyaki

Mix the ingredients together by mashing with your hands. As you are mixing, add the teriyaki sauce and mix (add to desired taste).

Make into patties place on the grill.

Shake a little teriyaki over the burger while on the grill.

These burgers will get dark and look burned and be a little crispy, but that is just the cooked cheese and bread crumbs with the teriyaki. I have made these by frying them too and they are good,, but the grill really brings out the flavor.

Serve on a bun (with a slice of cheese if you prefer).


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