A man from southern Minnesota is in trouble after he burglarized....a Dairy Queen store.

According to WCCO out of Minneapolis, the burglar took tools and lots of food, including frozen burgers, cheese curds and ice cream Dilly bars.

The burglar's sister is the one that turned him in. She worked at the Dairy Queen location and called the police when she realized what had happened.

When officers went to his house, his mother said he had come home and put a bunch of boxes in the freezer. Oops.

The burglary happened in Stewartville, Minnesota. The town is located just south of Rochester.

The crime happened in late June but it just making headlines now as it was announced charges would be brought against the burglar.

I love cheese curds and ice cream more than the next person but you can't go taking things out of the freezer at Dairy Queen. Ugh!