Gina Temple-Rhodes had her children with a midwife. Her midwife had mentioned that birth has changed over the years, that when her midwife asked her grandmother about birth, there were more than just the fact that men were now a part of the birth process.

Gina Temple Rhodes
Gina Temple Rhodes submitted by Lunch With The History People

Gina is the sole proprietor of Cedar Story Services, Gina Temple-Rhodes records oral histories for local non-profits. Which means she records people that tell their stories and they are archived for later use.

So, Gina went and started interviewing the women in the area, what surprised Gina was that women never used to talk to each other and give them a heads up about what to expect. So, some of the women Gina interviewed said they didn't know how much pain to get ready for, what the process was going to be, or how long would it take.

Here in the interview Gina talks about what to expect for Lunch with the History People this Thursday September 18th at noon at the Depot.


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