They call her the "dress fairy".  I call her the woman with utmost compassion and true love for helping others.  Her name is Mary and thanks to her dedication and giving up half her basement for storage, high school aged girls currently enrolled in a school of the Northland that might not have a dress for the high school dance or prom can now show up with sparkling confidence.

This is the fourth year that Mary has done the annual dress drive and she has over 400 dresses to choose from.  It just gets bigger and bigger every year thanks to the generous donations of our community.   The dresses she's collected are offered absolutely FREE.

Do you have dresses to donate?  Mary will arrange to pick them up!  Once this offering of free dresses is over, she'll start collecting for the next dance.  It's because of your donation generosity that she can keep offering these dresses every year.  You can connect with her on Facebook at Dress Drive Fairy.