Thanks to help from a gal that knows first hand how expensive going to prom can be,  there is a chance for students currently enrolled in a school of the Northland that might not have a dress for the high school dance or prom can now show up with sparkling confidence.

This is the second year that Ashleigh has done the annual dress drive and is surprised at the generosity as she collects donated dresses.  This year she had over 170 dresses to choose from.  The event is just getting bigger and bigger every year and the important part is the dresses are offered absolutely FREE.  If you heard that they were giving the dresses away this past weekend, you're right, but they will also be available today and that's the purpose of this blog, I don't want anyone to miss out!

The criteria to get a dress is as follows according to the If The Dress Fits Facebook page:

  • The teen that is in need of a dress has to be present to get one.
  • Teens will need to have a current school ID with them at the event.
  • You can try on dresses one at a time, no holding dresses and the Bridal store that the event is held at has a "no shoes" policy.

Today from  2-7p, you can check out the dresses still up for grabs from If The Dress Fits at Bella Rose Bridal Shop, 1709 Mall Dr, Duluth.

Do you have dresses to donate?  There are now two local dress drives to help students get their perfect prom or occasion dress.  Thank you to both Ashleigh and Mary for their compassion, time and efforts they put into making sure our Northland teens are taken care of.

Want to learn more or have a dress(es) you want to donate?  It's because of your donation(s) and generosity that they can keep offering these dresses every year.  You can connect with them on Facebook.

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