The game last Sunday between the Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers was a grudge match at best and for fans it was quite the emotional roller coaster with the Vikings pulling out a win in the last minutes of the game. For some fans win or lose they can't leave it on the field.

I don't understand how some people feel compelled to take things to the next level. This is nothing new, violence in the stands between rival fans happens in all sports especially baseball and football games, but where is this coming from? Sure I understand being passionate about a sports team and hometown pride etc. but to get into a fist fight is obscene.

Of course alcohol is usually part of the problem and the fact that maybe you feel insecure about yourself and peaked in high school and so you feel compelled to be Mr. tough guy in that type of environment? Either way it is sad state of affairs to see this happening over and over again.

Fast forward to last Sunday at the Carolina Panthers stadium after the Minnesota Vikings eeked out a win at the last minute. I would guess a few of the Vikings fans at the game probably were shooting their mouths off a bit, but apparently one older Vikings fan and a Panther fan got into more than a verbal argument.

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I have no idea how old the Vikings fan in the purple t-shirt is but he has white hair and looks like he is a bit older. According to the website apparently the backstory on this is that the guy in the purple shirt was upset because his mom and wife got punched in the melee and the guy on the ground in the background was taken down by an off duty police officer for punching a woman.

I understand being upset that one of your loved ones was punched for whatever reason, and that in no way is ok in any way, but this situation got so out of hand so quickly and more than the Vikings fan in the purple shirt was in the wrong. Grown people acting like this is pathetic. I am sure there were some kids around watching this, and what kind of example are you setting for them? Also where is security in that place? Yes this all happened over just a few minutes but wow if those other people had not jumped in there would be more than that one guy knocked out cold on the floor.

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