Kraft is generally considered to be a family-friendly brand that errs on the side of being tame (read: lame), but the food and beverage conglomerate has turned that approach upside down down under with this Australian TV spot featuring what appear to be naked bodies and a line worker calling out in ecstasy.

Sex sells. We get that. We just keep wondering why the rest of the world gets to have all the fun while we Americans are subjected to abominable ads from Pepsi, Geico, and every other uptight marketer. Would it be incorrect to guess that 1 out of every 25 commercials can be grouped under, “not the worst”? We’ll never get to see something like this in the greatest country on Earth, but at least we have the internet.

According to the company’s spokespeople the target demo is middle aged women. Seriously? Women are so over sex that they turn to chocolate to get their rocks off? You wonder why middle aged men cheat on their wives? Because their brides are creaming their jeans over chocolate rather than their lovers. While us dudes peruse PornHub, middle-aged women are “double clicking their mouse” to Willy Wonka.

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