Operating in the power trio format has left Rush with a lot of sound to fill onstage and on record over the years, a task they’ve more than capably covered without missing a single beat.

Guitarist Alex Lifeson thrives on the pressure that the situation presents. He tells Guitar World that “it’s more challenging that way. It keeps us sharp, it keeps us on our toes, it keeps us moving forward.”

He allows that it is a bit daunting on the surface, but the payoff brings satisfying rewards. “It’s challenging to try and create as big of a sound as I think we have, particularly live — you can do anything on record, of course. So when you come offstage, knowing that you nailed it, that’s an amazing feeling.”

They’ll accept a few helping hands on their next round of touring this fall, adding strings to the equation. While Lifeson notes that they’ve had virtual orchestration on the road in the past via samples, “this time around we want the real thing,” he says.

The extra bodies onstage will be “a little strange,” but Lifeson is looking forward to the experience and says “it’s going to be really cool.” As if we’d expect anything less!

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