Whenever Aaron Rodgers says something on Twitter or any other social media, everyone pays attention, because he is vague, and you can read so many things into them.

His latest social offering and a bunch of thank yous, like what you would say at a retirement party, or when you leave a job. He thanks all the Green Bay Packers he spent time with, and then his ex-fiancé, and others. So, what does this all mean? He didn't do it last MVP season, or the 2 seasons that the Packers made it to the NFC finals. So why now?

I'm thinking that Aaron Rodgers says what he means to the people around him that need to know and he gets on the internet and social sites and puts well thought out texts and messages just to make people talk.

I have always contended, the NFL is soap opera for men. There is all kind of drama and storylines. Reporters pick up the smallest thing and run with it, especially in the off-season, which is when Aaron Rodgers seems to write the most.

One thing I found interesting was that he thanked Shailene Woodley for letting him chase her and that she always had his back and he even says in an interview with Pat McAfee that it wasn't a coincidence that he was with her for two years and he won two MVP awards. He also talked about his home life was calm and how much fun he has with the people he works with.

What he doesn't do on either the interview or the thank you is, if he is going to come back. He does make it sound like he isn't with all the goodbyes. So, is Aaron Rodgers the best social media user of all time? Or is he not clear enough with the way he words things?

I think he is a smart person and he is laughing at all the people writing and trying to figure out what he means by the comments. Including laughing at me!

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