One group of kids decided to spend the first part of their summer vacation doing a good deed. They set up a lemonade stand in Woodland and with their profits going to the Duluth Police Foundation. One of the kids in the group has a connection to the department, their dad is a Duluth Police Officer.

So what exactly does this foundation do? According to their website " The Duluth Police Foundation exists to create partnerships which fund and support community safety initiatives, technology, and training for the Police Department and citizens of Duluth."

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The kids got busy setting up their booth on Redwing street with both pink and regular lemonade that they sold for 50 cents a glass cookies and stickers and cards for police officers as well. The kids Lainey, Brook, and Atley said to WDIO: "We want everyone to stay safe."

In all they raised $1,500 which is an awful lot of money in a very short period of time. Can you imagine as a kid raising that much money and being so kind to turn it over to an organization that helps out the community? What a great bunch of kids, I  think that all of us adults can definitely take some cues from them on ways we can help to support our community!

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