One of the "Purple People Eaters" from the Minnesota Vikings and a Hall Of Famer, the only blemish on his career was turning a touch down to safety.

The Minnesota Vikings were playing the San Francisco 49ers and they hit the Wide Reciever and bumped the ball out of his hands when Marshall picked it up[and ran. Marshall says he saw the goalposts and just decided to run. In the video, Jim Says it was hard to get back on the field after the worst play of his life.

The NFL Films video, tells a story about Cal Center Roy Regals who was the first one to run the ball backward. He was nicknamed Wrong Way Regals. As the video states, when Jim Marshall ran it the wrong way, Roy sent him a note saying, "Join the club". The run didn't change the outcome of the game, Jim Marshall sacked the Quarterback for a fumble picked up by another Viking and run back for a Touchdown. So he was able to redeem himself.

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