St. Luke's in Duluth is warning patients to watch out for scam calls that claim to be coming from their billing department.

They posted a warning on their Facebook page after some patients reported getting calls claiming to be from St. Luke's Billing.  The callers would then ask for personal information.  St. Luke's says they've reached out to law enforcement to investigate, adding:

As a general rule to keep information private, you should never give any information over the phone unless they have verified it is St. Luke’s or initiated the call. If you have questions about billing, you can call St. Luke’s Central Billing Office at 218.249.6870, Hospital Billing at 218.249.5260 or St. Luke’s general number at 218.249.5555 and follow the prompts to reach Billing.

As a rule, regardless of the industry, no business will ever call you and ask for your personal information.  If they are legitimate, they will already have all they need to know.  If you ever feel pressured to give personal information, simply hang up and directly call the business they claimed to represent.

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