An old man was trying to find his son's new home in Big Lake, Minnesota when he pulled over to pull out his phone. He was trying to contact his son to find out where he was going. The man, who's name is Roger, was going to let his son borrow his truck because his car broke down.

According to Kare11, A woman noticed this truck in their neighborhood and took photos of the man and posted a message on Facebook warning that this "creeper" was taking photos of houses in the neighborhood and neighborhood boys.

Of course, the post was shared many times, causing panic. The thing is the woman that posted it on Facebook didn't bother to call police. Police were actually alerted to it by someone else that saw the post on Facebook. Police went to this man's house and cleared it up in several minutes.

Unfortunately, someone called Roger a pervert at a gas station, not knowing the facts. It's a good reminder that you shouldn't believe everything you see. Also, a big takeaway is to CALL THE POLICE if you think something is suspicious.


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