It may seem simple or obvious but you should always lock your door when you leave your home, right? That doesn't mean that everyone always does.

The Duluth Police Department shared a message on their Facebook page Wednesday (October 23rd) regarding home and auto burglaries. According to their message, they continue to see the trend of 'no force' when it comes to this crime, meaning burglars don't have to use force to break in because the doors are unlocked or unprotected.

Because of this, they are offering some simple, easy tips you can take to ensure you don't become a victim. Here's what they have to say:

  • Make sure all exterior windows and doors are locked.
  • Lock your garage door as well.
  • Have a neighbor collect your mail if you're out of town or cancel it temporarily.
  • Give the appearance that you are home even if you're not by setting lights on automatic timers.
  • Park in a well-lit area whenever possible.
  • Have someone check on your car and home if you go out of town.
  • Record serial numbers of expensive electronics.
  • Report suspicious activity immediately.

Simply put: lock before you leave. That way you can avoid a huge mess for yourself and others!

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