Leaves everywhere! First, we were waiting for the leaves to fall, now they all fell at the same time it seems. So, we all have a hefty clean up ahead of us. Here's some things to make sure you have in order to cut down on the stress of raking and cleaning.

1. Garbage bag- yep, no brainer, what are you going to put the leaves in? You could put them in a garbage pail, but that's a bit costly. It's easier to put them in the bag, empty it later.

2. Small Plastic Grocery Bags- these are for dog poop or sticks or garbage you will find in your yard.

3. A good rake- Again, you are saying, of course, what else would you use? You need to make sure you have a good plastic rake, and a good metal dirt rake. You are going to need something for the terds and rocks and other things you find.

4. Shovel- Biggest reason you need it is rocks and Dog crap. You dont need a big one, but you will have to have one that is easy to handle with one hand.

5. Help! - Don't be afraid to ask, then you can stuff more leaves and grass, and/or rocks into your load to the dump.


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