In the last week, we've seen the banning of classic American novels that might make people "uncomfortable" in Duluth schools and last night the Duluth city council banned flavored tobacco products in the name of protecting children, what's next?

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    Bath Tubs

    Unintentional drowning is one of the leading killers of kids in the United States, so if the Duluth city council wants to protect kids, they should clearly ban bathtubs and anything that can hold water and cause drowning.

    Alistair Scott
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    Teddy Bears and Blankets

    Another leading cause of death is unintentional suffocation, this is often caused by items children sleep with, this includes blankets and stuffed animals. Look out Build-a-Bear, the Duluth city council could be coming after you next.

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    I read all the time about dressers falling over and crushing kids, so clearly, this is a problem that needs to be addressed to protect the children.

    via Amazon
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    Motorized Vehicles

    Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death of kids 5 to 19 years of age. Is the Duluth city council considering a ban on cars and trucks? Doubtful.

    Alexey Zarodov
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    Gym Class Scooter Boards

    Do you know how many injuries are caused each year by gym class scooter boards? I have no idea, but it has to in the dozens. These poor kids need protection from these finger crushers, please Duluth city council, help the kids!