Remember when you were a kid, Mom just wanted you to paint a picture, draw something, or make her something out of clay. Those were the days, didn't cost you anything. Getting gifts for Mom is getting harder. Here's a few ideas that just require your time.

1. Music-Always works, get her an mp3 player and fill it with some favorite artists and some new artists so she can tell her friends that she is hip with the new stuff the kids are listening to.

2. Indoor or outdoor Picnic-Outdoor is always better but if the weather does not permit, move it indoors. Put together a little lunch menu, maybe a home cooked meal or a well put together sandwich and salad mix that shows you put some time into the preparation.

3. Beauty Day-Bring Mom to a place that will do her hair (her way), nails, feet, massage, and makeup if she wants to. Make sure it is all about Mom, if you have a little more money, throw in a dinner afterward.

4. Daycation-Take Mom away for the day, maybe the Twin Cities, or up the shore, or research some places in Minnesota or Wisconsin and plan a day, and maybe a stay somewhere. This would be a great family getaway as well as impressing Mom.

5. Tablet or Pad-This would be a great gift if your Mom is tech aware. You could do some Skype sessions with her, especially if you are far away from Mom. She could talk to the Grandkids more often and shop on ebay faster. If you do go this route make it easy for her by having it set up for her to use right away.

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